Brazilian Soccer Schools (BSS)

Brazilian Soccer Schools (BSS) is the original technical development program, running for over 20 years in the UK. BSS originated from the home of some of the greatest players in the world, Brazil. We are the only technical development program with a curriculum of 200+ individual moves and a method of measuring progression

Welcome to Brazilian Soccer Schools, the unique Soccer coaching programme in Jersey incorporating Futebol de Salão. Our training philosophy, put simply, is for players to become technically advanced with the ball.
Our training philosophy, put simply, is for players to become technically competent with the ball, work to develop the required physical components before going on to excel in game situations.
Quite simply our aim is to change the way that football is both coached and played, and to do this we have to change the way the game is taught to children. We believe we have made a productive start in doing this with the introduction of the game of Futebol de Salão and the Brazilian Soccer Schools coaching programme.
We attribute our success and popularity with children to our structured approach to training and proprietary syllabus of core movements and skills. There is, however, much more work to be done. Our ultimate ambition is to provide the platform to create the complete and perfect footballer.


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