Meaningful, intentional photography for couples in love wanting to slow down and savour the moment between each heartbeat.

Hey there! I’m Britta.

Based in Jersey, I photograph weddings here and around the UK, as well as back home in Portland, Oregon and, well – any other stunning destination you might want to bring me along to! My Portland roots mean I totally bring that PNW style to my work. Think less high-peaked vistas and a more relaxed, inclusive and laid back approach, helping you to feel so much more comfortable and confident in front of my camera.

I’ve been photographing weddings for more than ten years now, and capturing that connection between the two of you is still what makes my heart beat hardest.It matters so much to me that you really experience your wedding day.
Slow down.
Take a deep breath.
Be in each moment intentionally.
Feel it, savour it and embed it into your memory so that, when you look through your pictures years from now, you’ll be immediately transported back to those moments from one of the most significant days of your life.Weddings are about people. It’s about you, your commitment to each other, and celebrating the love that you share with the people that mean the most to you.
Start there, and everything else will follow.Let’s make meaningful memories together.

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