Bumblebee Music

Musical Fun for Babies and pre-Schoolers

I am a qualified nursery nurse and after leaving college spent over 10 years working as a private nanny and within a nursery setting. I have been running Bumblebee Music for almost 7 years since my son was born, I am first aid qualified and I have a DBS certificate and safeguarding training.

A  simple get together that started in my lounge nearly 8 years ago at home with 4 friends has now grown into a group of children aged between 6 months and 3 years, meeting weekly during term time to sing together and enjoy music. I love what has been created, the group has a friendly and welcoming feel about it and some lovely friendships have been made.

During the session we sing many familiar rhymes and songs along with some new ones  which are unique to Bumblebee Music. The sessions are structured but also relaxed and we always have time to laugh at ourselves and enjoy the fun that the children bring with them, each with their unique little personalities.
Young children learn through enjoyment,  repetition and imitation therefore each week we  follow a similar pattern allowing the children to become familiar and grow In confidence with each session, they really learn and understand  what is coming next. The sessions are very hands on and  interactive for both the children and carers, we don’t care about hitting the right notes… It’s all about having fun and getting involved.
All are welcome at Bumblebees, Mums, Dads, Grandparents and Child carers.

All classes are suitable from 6 months, babies are never too young to enjoy music, and while they are benefiting you can meet other mums and carers. From early as 6 months you will see your child become responsive to music and movement.

The benefits of music are plentiful

Experts agree that music enhances learning and helps babies and parents communicate.

Interaction with other children develops social skills, confidence and friendships.

Nursery rhymes and songs help develop vocabulary.

Playing percussion instruments fosters dexterity and provides an early introduction to music    for young babies and children

This is what some of my bumblebee regulars had to say:-

“Bumblebee music was a great way to allow me to spend quality time with my youngest, interacting with the fun songs and rhymes.  The familiarity of the structured session meant her confidence grew week on week.   There was also the added benefit of meeting new friends at the end of the session when there was opportunity for a relaxed play for the children and cup of  tea and biscuit for parents and carers.  Would highly recommend excellent group.” Kate and Georgia

“Bumblebee music was so much fun, I am a nanny and the two little boys I had at the time loved it! They loved singing and playing instruments and the playtime at the end where they could socialise with other children.. Added bonus a cup of tea and a biscuit for us ?” Hilary

” Music class is wonderful, it helps the children develop in so many different ways through hand eye, social, communication, memory. It’s just truly wonderful. My kids love it they love the interaction with the different puppet animals and musical instruments and as they are getting older they are wanting to join in more and more,  Erika is so lovely, caring and welcoming. I love the way she uses makaton to go with the songs so for children who’s speech is still developing or who have English as a second language they can still join in with the songs. Then to top it off tea and biscuits at  the end with toys for the children which gives us adults a chance to net work as well. It’s just such a wonderful class” Elizabeth

“My daughter and I have been going to Bumblebee Music classes for nearly two terms now and it is one of our favourite weekly activities. Erika, is friendly, organized and engaging and has a fabulous relationship with all of the children who attend. My daughter simply adores her! The lessons are great fun and we have learnt many new songs and action rhymes too. I highly recommend Bumblebee music to any parent or family member who is looking for something special to do with their child. “ Solene ? ?❤

Contact Details

Tel: 07797 769274

Email – bumblebeemusic@hotmail.co.uk



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