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Carla Yoga offers an integrated approach to yoga where the main goal is to encourage surrender and induce total relaxation to create the perfect environment for the body’s innate intelligence to heal itself from within.

When most people think about yoga they focus on the postures and being extremely flexible, however in reality this is only the most popularised aspect of a complete yogic system which incorporates many other elements including moral codes of conduct, breathing techniques to help move stagnant energy in the body and meditation to help still the mind and cleanse the inner body.Carla Yoga sessions are a unique blend of yin yoga to juice the joints and gently stretch the connective tissue in the body combined with guided chakra meditations, mantras, breathing techniques and a form of psychic sleep called Yoga Nidra.

Yin Yoga – When we approach yoga from a yin perspective we hold the postures for up to five minutes and sometimes longer in order to carefully compress, safely stretch or apply a gentle load on target areas of the body. The body is supported and held with as many bolsters, blankets, blocks and anything else we need to ensure comfort and relaxation. By softening the muscle and remaining as still as possible we start to access the deeper yin aspects of the body, the harder, denser areas such as bone, ligaments and fascia that tends to lose lubrication as we age.To sit for any length of time in stillness requires focus of the mind and awareness of the body achieved through guided meditative practices and breathing exercises. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine the channels/ channels circulate throughout the energetic body and form the science of acupuncture. Keeping the joints and connective tissues healthy is beneficial because it allows the Qi to flow freely through the channels. Working with the channels can help release stagnation, tonify depletion, and maintain the health and function of the joints and tissues on a physical level.  Yoga Nidra is a unique meditation practice guided by a facilitator that combines a mixture of breath, body and awareness techniques to transport you to the state between waking and sleeping. When we rest in this state of awareness we are able to interrupt the process by which we engage in stressful thoughts and release any tensions that have accumulated within the body and mind.There are three basic type of tension that impact our modern lives; ● Muscular tensions – Relate to the body, nervous system and endocrine systems and are easily dislodged via the practice of yoga nidra. ● Emotional tensions – Reactions to dualities such as shame/pride, love/hate, fear/courage are more difficult to remove as often we refuse to acknowledge our emotional tensions however yoga nidra can calm the emotional structure of the mind. ● Mental tensions – Every single experience you have ever had is stored in the mental body. Yoga nidra allows us to travel deep into the subconscious to help harmonise all aspects of our being. Via the practice of Yoga Nidra we are able to clear away stored tensions before they manifest as disease within the physical body while also helping us to manage our own personalities and triggered responses. Yoga Nidra also enables us to proactively influence our lives for the better. Most of us are just getting through life- without any sense of direction. When we set intentions we give direction and power to our thoughts.Sankalpa is a Sanskrit word which can be translated as resolution or resolve and takes the form of a short mental statement. When you try and change something about yourself and only do this via the intellect you will find that it is quite difficult as the message is conflicting with a million other thoughts. However, when the mind enters the hypnagogic state which is achieved during Yoga Nidra, it becomes pliable and receptive to change. This is when powerful messages can be delivered straight into the subconscious and create a powerful shift in behaviour and ultimately strengthen the structure of the mind. My sessions are welcome to all ages and levels. All the poses can be adapted and alternative options can be provided.

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