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Dreams to Memories is an event planning company that provides planning, consulting, and decoration for all social events. We provide our clients with spectacular events through creativity and uniqueness based on individual tastes and preferences. We incorporates themes, design layouts, event formats, and décor with the ultimate goal of making your design-specific event a most elegant, unique, and memorable experience.

Today, more and more companies are hosting events locally.

Anytime people gather, someone is needed to oversee the details to ensure the event (no matter how large or small), is a success. We at Dreams to Memories have complete understanding of the importance of timing, coordination, and countless other details that go into planning events.

To assure the most spectacular event of a client’s choice, individuals are reaching to us to effectively plan and conduct their events. Our services are designed to meet their creative needs as well.

Yesterday, people assigned responsibility for planning of events to someone within their family and friends circuit.

Today, more and more individuals are seeking to hire professionals (such as Dreams to Memories) who have displayed the talent, expertise, and “attention to detail” to ensure a successful event being enjoyed by all attendees.

Our decorations are made to client preference using our unique work ethic and imagination. We aim to make any dream come to a fabulous event that you will always have fond memories of it

Social events can include, but are not limited to the examples listed below:
Theme Parties


Kid Events

Birthday Parties

We also provide the following services below:



Thank you cards

Place cards


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