Elemental Health

At Elemental Health we offer a unique and holistic approach to you and your health. Our team is passionate about your health and wellbeing and will work with you to help detect, reduce and eliminate the physical, mental, emotional and environmental stressors that affect health. 

We work in collaboration with you to help rebalance every element of your health and wellbeing.Our specialist team offers a wide range of services including, Chiropractic, Massage, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Functional Medicine, Inner Alchemy (NLP & EFT), Barral Visceral (organ) Manipulation, Bioresonance, PSYCH-K, Reiki, Meditation, Yoga and Pilates.Chiropractic uses gentle adjustments to the spine, pelvis and cranium (skull), to help to remove these disruptions to the CNS, enabling the body to heal and encouraging an optimal expression of health.Massage is well recognised as a therapeutic healing treatment, helping to relieve pain and ease discomfort. It also has calming and stress relieving benefits, as it can both sooth and invigorate the body.

The foods we choose to eat can have a profound effect on our physical and mental health. Every cell in the human body is created and energised by the nutrients we put in.Yoga – This Vinyasa Moving Meditation practice will take you on a journey that begins with connecting you to your breath and calming down your central nervous system so that you can quieten the mind and awaken your body to flow with strength and ease.

Pilates – Mat Pilates focuses on strengthening the core to support your back and major joints. Whilst strengthening important stabilising muscles, Pilates creates mobility and length in typically tight muscle groups, to rebalance the body.The mind and body connection is an integral part when looking at our health and well-being. Self limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns can stop us from healing and reaching our full potential.To create and maintain health we must consider the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. We must consider all elements of health that combine to make us whole.

The practice is conveniently located in St Peter, above Boots Pharmacy and next to M&S, with private parking at the rear – For map, click HERE

Contact Details;

Tel: 01534 639999

Email: [email protected]

Website: elementalhealth.je

Facebook: elementalhealthjersey

Instagram: elementalhealthjersey/

Sara Wagstaffe Chiropractor, NLP & EFT Practitioner • Bsc (Hons) Msc Chiro DC

Tom Wagstaffe Chiropractor • MChiro (First-Class Honours) DC

Katherine Nicolle Practice Manager, Massage Therapist

Christina Ritter Sports, Remedial & Soft Tissue Therapist

Esther Schultz Registered Dietitian • Msc (Cons), RD

Deborah Tanguy Acupuncturist • BHSc (Acu)

Dr Sheila Richards Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturist and Functional Medicine Doctor • MBBS MRCGP DRCOG LFHom DCMAc IFMCP

Katy Skinner Barral Visceral Manipulation, Bioresonance, PSYCH-K / EFT • Msc BSc (Hons) CVTP

Lucia Giannecchini Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, Meditation Practitioner

Catherine Allsopp Appi Mat Pilates Instructor, Level 3 Personal Trainer, Level 3 Excercise Referral Practitioner, Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation, Level 4 Cardiac Rehabilitation, Level 4 Falls Prevention

Chantal Halford Receptionist



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