Elizabeth Castle Exclusive Tour

Michelle Hervieu is an Island resident, with a family history of over three hundred years in Jersey, the local root's run very deep. A keen historian Michelle has studied with both Oxford and Cambridge university's an expert on 17th century.

The exclusive tour at Elizabeth Castle includes Michelle`s extensive knowledge of the five hundred year history of Elizabeth Castle from it’s time as a religious retreat in 555AD, right up to the most recent times and the German occupation of Elizabeth Castle and the Island.
Michelle gives an unusual slant to the occupation as she is able to tell stories of the occupation, passed on by her parent’s.
These exclusive tours are  funny, serious, heart rending, with an amazing knowledge, and deep love of Jersey, this is an experience not to be missed.
How good are they…. you will get your money back if you feel you have not enjoyed any of her tour’s.
If you are visiting the Island these exclusive tours are a must, book early to avoid disappointment !
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