Freddie's Footprint

​At Freddie's Footprint, we specialise in creating handmade personalised keepsakes of your little ones hands, feet, fingerprints and artwork to treasure for years to come.

​Freddie’s Footprint has grown to be a wonderful way that we chose to remember just how precious our little one’s are. Keepsakes are fast becoming a popular way of cherishing these moments, and we have some amazing ways of capturing this. 
I have trained to become a Keepsake Artist in 3D Casts, Outprints and Print Jewellery. and as a mummy myself, I am committed to working with you to create the perfect keepsake as I know how important it is to capture those precious early years before they are gone.

CastsOutprintsJewelleryI love the work I do and have been so lucky to meet so many lovely families and create keepsakes for them

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Tel: 07797 811671

EMail: [email protected]

Website: freddies footprint jersey

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