Island's Choice Bakery

Island's Choice Bakery provides freshly baked breads and cakes to consumers in Jersey and Guernsey, Channel Islands. Island’s Choice Bakery is an established wholesale bakery, founded in 2012 by Joe Pinzari.

Joe, although not a baker himself, seized the opportunity to set up a local bakery to fill the local demand. Island’s Choice Bakery was initially making fresh dough for pizza bases and was called “Fresh Dough Bakery”. After three months of making pizza dough, Joe took the next step and expanded to a small bakery and acquired an oven and other bakery equipment. The bakery nestled into First Tower Business Park in April 2014 and In July 2015, a re-branding took place and the name “Island’s Choice Bakery” was established. credit Appetite / Genuine Jersey 2018. Photo By Danny Evans

Island’s Choice Bakery is not a factory.  Each bread and patisserie product is handcrafted by our committed and skilled teams, suppling local supermarkets, schools, caterers, care homes, corner shops, hotels, cafes, restaurants and takeaway outlets. We take pride in each product we make. Each product is made the day before it is delivered. Island’s Choice Bakery is a member of Genuine Jersey, using local produce where available and gives Jersey the opportunity to buy local while helping reduce the carbon footprint.Every day we bake 3,500 to 5,000 Portuguese rolls – their light texture and delicious taste makes these rolls quite sublime! We ensure that the flour is imported from Portugal to create an authentic product.We also bake sliced bread, soft rolls, wholemeal, seeded rolls, crusty rustic baguettes, hot cross buns… as well as our famous doughnuts, mixture of cakes and celebration cakes from our patisserie team.Each product is baked by skilled craftsmen using the highest quality ingredients with an unwavering attention to detail. We are committed to the quality and consistency of our products and dedicated to providing our customers with outstanding, responsive, and personal service.All the local supermarkets and businesses in Jersey have the opportunity to source their bread from local bakeries if they choose to. This way, they are supporting local businesses, benefiting the local economy and providing local residents and visitors with a fresher, tastier and healthier product.  Next time you are in a supermarket, have a look at the balance between local and imported packaged bread.

Since March 2020 our products have also been on sale in Guernsey supermarkets, corner shops and cafes.

Contact Details:

Joe Pinzari | 01534 607019
Email: [email protected] 

Facebook: IslandsChoiceBakery





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