Belcroute Bay is a very small pretty cove located on the south coast near Ouaisne and Portelet Bay

The beach lies at the bottom of a steep narrow lane and the beach is accessed from a slip which leads onto a mainly shingle beach although some sand is exposed at low tide
This beach loses the sun early afternoon for the day and is very sheltered from any easterly winds, pines surrounding the beach also provide shade from the sun. Swimming is not recommended here
After a cliff fall in 1930 the remains of an Iron Age hearth was discovered in the bay and pottery fragments including two rotary querns and four clay fire bars were also found.
Parking is very limited here and is restricted to the slip leading onto the beach with room for about 4 or 5 cars at low tide
There are no other facilities at this bay
Liberty Bus offer a very helpful guide to help visitors plan your trip here
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