Green Island is a sandy beach and situated at Jersey`s southern most point, it is named such due to the small islet situated just off the coast that is only accessible at low tide and it is wise to pay attention to the incoming tide to ensure that you do not become stranded!

The beach is one of the most popular in Jersey for both locals and visitors alike due to its suntrap nature and where you can enjoy both the soft sand and explore the many rock pools. Excavations on the small islet between 1911 & 1914 led to the discovery of an 18 stone cist (box) grave and experts believe that it was likely to have been a Medieval cist grave cemetery. Also discovered here were fragments of pottery, bones and stone tools.

Other Facilities available here include:
Public & Disabled Toilets
beach accessories are also available from a kiosk

Green Island Restaurant

First aid point
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