This is a small stretch of coast on the South East between Green Island and La Rocque in St Clements. Le Hocq is a Jèrriais name, and means 'the headland' or 'the cape' in English and there is a fortified Jersey Round Tower here which was built in the 1780s. Le Hocq tower is depicted on the 2010 issue of Jersey`s unique £1 note

The beach itself is well sheltered, except for when there’s an easterly wind and there are plenty of rock pools to explore for the adventurous as the sea recedes a very long way at low tide and there are opportunities for winkle picking and shrimp catching close to the shore
There is free parking across the road at St. Clement’s parish hall and also nearby is Le Hocq Pub which is open for drinks and meals all year roundOther facilities here include a small beach kiosk called Le Hocq Shack, which is very popular with the locals.
Liberty Bus offer a very helpful guide to help visitors plan your trip here
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Main image courtesy of Jean Lelliott

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