Jersey Croquet Club

Jersey Croquet Club is a small but active Club that operates largely on Tuesday evenings from March to October, when the weather is warm enough and the evenings bring enough light. We’re based at Les Quennevais Playing Fields, in a dedicated area inside the cycle track not far from the children’s outdoor play area.

The Clubhouse, shared with Youth Cycling, provides convenient facilities and sits inside a fenced area and alongside  purpose built greens that are maintained regularly by the Sports Centre staff. The club has hosted events such as the European Championships in the past, but today is a friendly and slightly more informal affair. We always welcome new faces and potential members to our Tuesday Club night, no prior experience is necessary, all the kit you’ll need is provided, and someone is always on hand to guide you through the basics – it doesn’t take long to be able to join a game and start developing some skills.We also host groups for an afternoon or evening experience, whether that be a group of friends, work colleagues, croquet clubs from abroad or other social groups, we’re always happy to arrange suitable times to be able to hire our facilities, with a little bit of coaching if required.Tuesday evening club nights start at 6pm, and often a little earlier, and we mix and match in groups of 4 as people arrive, usually playing until we start to lose the light or it gets a little chilly. Club members also have full use of the lawns to arrange games at their leisure at other times. As the only club on the Island, we’re restricted to playing against ourselves, but we do organise a few tournaments for members through the season, such as an inter-Parish Competition, which tend to be followed by a good meal and a lot of laughter.Croquet isn’t a physically demanding sport, but it does challenge the mind offering a tactically rich game of strategy, a cross between billiards and chess, as well as ensuring a good dose of fresh air and fun.

Contact details:

Tel: 01534 618302

Email: [email protected]




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