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With a positive purpose in mind for the wearer, Jane Simpson makes limited edition jewellery creations from semi-precious gemstones including the ‘BB MALA’ - a unique and wearable aide memoire for the Buteyko Breathing Method for respiratory conditions (full instructions included).

THE ‘BB MALA’:  Jane’s unique ‘BB Mala’ is a necklace which acts as an aide memoire for part of her advanced Buteyko Breathing Method for respiratory conditions such as asthma. Full instructions come with the ‘BB Mala’ and the 2 specific breathing exercises linked to the BB Mala can be performed safely without a Buteyko Method instructor present.MALAS: Jane makes mala necklaces and bracelets, whilst she is in a meditative state; the knots being tied in the traditional way to represent the duality of life, the yin/yang, the left and right brain. The semi-precious stones are cleansed and handled in such a way as to be of maximum benefit to their new owner.PET LOVERS:  Earrings and bracelets for the animal lover are also a real favourite of Jane’s and are made with a very special bond in mind, particularly where a much-loved pet has passed way.BRACELETS:  Jane creates a variety of bracelets from semi-precious gemstones and can make to order using specific gemstones for an individual wearer.

Resident in Jersey since the 1980s, Jane is qualified in many complementary therapies.

Most importantly for jsSimplyCREATIVE, she has been a Buteyko Breathing Method instructor and Reiki Master Teacher for 20+ years.

After creating jewellery pieces to order for years, Jane is now stepping out into the wider creative world with jsSimplyCreative.

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Tel; 07797 722678

Email: [email protected]

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