JSPCA Cattery Gets A Unique Makeover

Ramparts, JSPCA and Kartoon Faktory have teamed up to smarten up the cattery at the JSPCA to make the space more appealing for staff and visitors. They were keen to smarten up the cattery for their boarding cats as boarding is one of the charity’s vital income streams.

The cattery at the Animal Shelter desperately needed a revamp as it had become a clinical space in need of brightening
up. The kennels team invites members of the public into the cattery when viewing cats available for rehoming and
sees visitors on scheduled open days.

The cattery comprises of one main central area with various wings coming off it. Each wing has two doors, one which leads to the internal kennels and one that leads to the outside. The JSPCA wanted the internal doors to be uniquely designed and painted with the wings are named after former residents, Splash, Honey, Star, Phoebe, Sassy, and Bo.

Kartoon Faktory first contacted Heather Brown, founder of RampArts Jersey in February 2022 as they were interested
in a collaboration project. Heather then began contacting her network of locations and organisations in search of the
perfect space and partnership, to enable Kartoon Faktory to share their humorous cartoon style art. As such, resident
artist for the Kartoon Faktory, Oli Nightingale was handed the brief for the JSPCA from RampArts Jersey.Michelle Parker, media and fundraising manager for the JSPCA said: “We had the interior of the cattery painted
white a few years ago but, despite having canvasses of previous residents adorning the walls and a lovely cat mural
on the entrance wall, we feel it perhaps looked a little clinical for visitors. It’s important to us to have a lovely
cattery where people are keen to send their cats on holiday and so we are thrilled that the internal doors are now all
brightly painted with unique designs all based on our former cat residents.”Cameron McPhail, founder of Kartoon Faktory said: “I’m delighted that Kartoon Faktory is able to support the local
community and bring our unique style and humour to the JSPCA cattery. The project will ensure that not only is there
a fun backdrop for visitors to enjoy but also provide a lovely working environment for staff that they can be proud to
show off.”Since Oli was based in the South of Spain when the project began, the design for the cattery doors was created digitally,
and emailed over to Michelle Parker at the JSPCA for approval. After review she replied with “everyone is loving these”
and the date was set to get started. Oli flew back to Jersey mid-June and thanks to RampArts Jerseys’ ever supportive
paint sponsor Ricardo Santos, of Robbialac and CIN Paints Jersey, who once again provided everything needed to
complete the project, Oli was able to get started.Oli Nightingale, Kartoon Faktory’s resident artist said: “Ramparts have been such a supportive partner to work with,
and I’d like to thank their paint sponsor Robbialac and CIN Paints Jersey, for giving me everything I need to do the
job. As an artist I’m thrilled that Kartoon Faktory’s unique style will be appreciated on a daily basis – I just hope the
cats approve!”Kartoon Faktory brings humour to the masses and shares its unique, comedic view on life in the form of art prints,
books, tea towels, aprons, fridge magnets, mugs and many more besides. Kartoon Faktory takes the concept of the
satirical cartoon to a whole new level!

RampArts provides free artist networking and collaborative opportunities for Jersey creatives, providing unique art
and music events, exhibitions, murals and art sales.

For any enquiries please contact:
Heather Brown, founder of RampArts on 07829 706675, [email protected]


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