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I offer a range of already popular items, cordials, liqueurs, jams, and chocolates, as well miniatures of all my full size products, but what I truly love is the opportunity to create bespoke recipes for special occasions. It is such a privilege to produce something for a couple that draws on their relationship and core memories together and is truly unique to them.

The Wedding side of my sustainable luxury food business was born from my own experience as; an eco-concious bride, a food allergy sufferer, someone getting married on a budget, and, as it turned out, having a pandemic wedding. We suddenly had to prepare all of the elements of our wedding reception ourselves. The first wedding puddings and cake I ever made were our own! We chose to have a celebration on the scale of the large wedding we had originally planned the following year, and my handmade favours-come-place settings, miniature bottles of cordial, had gone down such a storm that I chose to do it all over again! It gave me such delight to craft favours for our guests that I knew they would enjoy. That personal touch, sustainable production, and cost effectiveness remain core to my business three and a half years later.I find that giving your guests a favour that they can enjoy during the event can really tie together other elements of your wedding, from food to décor, and also ensure that they don’t get forgotten or fall foul of luggage restrictions! When a couple reaches out to me, I always begin with a consultation to truly understand what they are looking for. We discuss not only the style and aesthetic of the wedding but also how the couple plan to encourage guests to consume the favour, and the mood they want to evoke. It is always wonderful to see guests sipping their cordial or liqueur at the dinner table or enjoying a mini chutney with an evening buffet! For both the recipe and the presentation I draw inspiration from the décor, colour scheme, and even the bride’s bouquet, to ensure that the favour adds to the overall ambience of the event. I might recommend a fresh, light cordial in a short, rustic bottle to suit an outdoor venue or a boho bride with a wild style bouquet, while couples with classical décor or a stylish theme may prefer a traditional liqueur in a tall, elegant bottle.

With my busy family life I currently only accept a very small number of wedding cake orders per year but this is something that I am already brimming with excitement at the thought of expanding soon.

Reimagining the traditional and breathe new life into forgotten kitchen crafts, I hand make a small batch of luxury foods that keep sustainability in the forefront. I create wide variety of zero-waste products including:

  • Catered Desserts and Puddings
  • Jams, Chutneys, Preserves and Pickles
  • Traditional Beverages
  • Wedding and Party Favours
  • Occasion cakes
  • Hampers and Gift Baskets

Food has for me, as for so many people, always been incredibly important. It is such a driving force in the world, something that both symbolises and shapes our culture and environment. It allows us to connect with each other as well as with our past. It is a means of shared experience like no other. Food has the power to make us feel cared for, to envelope us in nostalgia or to inspire new creativity.So much human kindness can be shown in the act of giving and sharing food. Yet, at the same time, intensive food production and the constant desire for novel and exotic foods is having an enormously detrimental effect on the planet, and the lives of so many individuals at points throughout food processing chains. I founded this business with sustainability and empathy in mind; in particular the reduction of food waste, plastic waste and food miles, and the recognition of the value of food. Mine is a plastic free business. My products come in glass or recycled paper and the labels use a natural glue and vegetable ink. All my packaging is reusable and recyclable or biodegradable. I source all of my ingredients from independent environmentally conscious suppliers on Jersey who do not use any plastic packaging. As well as foraging and growing my own fruits and herbs, much of the fresh produce that I use is surplus fruit and veg that would otherwise be left to rot.

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