Laura Smillie - Ceramic Artist 

Laura Smillie is a Ceramic artist based in Jersey, Channel Islands and from her studio in Saint Brelade, she handcrafts unique porcelain gifts, home accessories and jewellery.

Using slip casting and slab building pottery techniques, all of her work is handmade, one-by-one, in small batches from Porcelain; selected for its pure white colour and fantastic translucency. The porcelain is then decorated by hand, using a variety of surface pattern techniques- either painted, printed or marbled. For a high quality finish, the porcelain is sanded, polished and deliberately left unglazed to showcase the tactile and raw, natural beauty of the clay.

The end result is an unique piece of affordable ceramic art.


Wear your very own piece of ceramic art! Abstract and marbled porcelain earrings available in sterling silver or 14K gold filled fastenings.

Silhouette Vessels

Bringing to life an illustrative story, by candle light.
​Whimsical candle vessels with a little surprise when illuminated.

Abstract Vessels

Bursting with colour and personality.
​Each vessel is hand painted using a palette of stained porcelain.

When illuminated, the vessel transforms into a translucent candle holder with bursts of lively colour.

View and shop the range from My Shop The Harbour Gallery, Made in Jersey and Jane James Coastal Ceramic shop.

Contact Details:

EMail: [email protected]

Website: Laura Smillie

Facebook: Laura Smillie Jersey

Instagram: Laura Smillie Jersey


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