Madame Wang`s Emporium

Looking for unusual gifts? I will deliver free of charge anywhere in the Island. I started Madame Wang’s Emporium whilst on my travels through Asia and Europe - I brought unusual goods back for friends in Jersey and demand grew from there.

The name was born from a conversation in Miss Wong’s cocktail bar in Cambodia – a friend who was with me could never remember the name Miss Wong and kept calling it Madame Wang’s!

Covid-19 has cut short the travels but I had prepared stock ready for summer events which never happened. I don’t have a shop, hence I can keep prices really, really low. Existing stock has been supplemented by two of my sisters: ‘Handmade by Bee’ is a collection of gorgeous floaty kaftans, plus children’s clothes; ‘Hand knitted by Cath’ are children’s hats, headbands and scarves for children from babies to teens. 

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Contact: Sarah Jane Holt

Tel: 07797 716879

EMail: [email protected]

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