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"Body Adornment for the Goddess Within"

I have always loved nature and crystals, and so it’s no wonder that most of my pieces remind people of flowers and include vivid colours, gorgeous crystals and endless spirals.I love working in brass, as it’s a beautiful honey-coloured metal; it’s hard and strong, but can be shaped and hammered into the most stunning ways. My love of macrame really brings these creations together and I love exploring different colours and shapes to knot together surrounding the crystals and metal.

My ‘Macrame and Metal’ range is completely unique to Jersey (and the World!), and I LOVE creating pieces for people; whether for a birthday or wedding. Every woman deserves to feel like the Goddess that she truly is! 

You can find some of my pieces in my Shop on Facebook, or message me if you have a commission or something specific in mind.

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Facebook: MariposaCreativeDesigns

Instagram: MariposaChicka


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