Jersey Memory Maker (Previously Freddie’s Footprint)

Jersey Memory Maker started life as Freddie's Footprint in 2011, when its founder Jodi wanted to capture the tiny size and beautiful details of her son Freddie’s feet and decided to make a business from this to do the same for others.

Over a decade later, Freddie’s Footprint was lovingly sold in 2022 to Emma, who rebranded as Jersey Memory Maker, specialising in capturing moments and making memories. You are never too young or too old to capture all the wrinkles, crinkles and details of hands and feet. While castings of newborns and young children is the most popular, casts of siblings, older children, families and people of all ages are available, each one is unique and beautiful.3D casts can be freestanding or professionally framed with or without photographs or other special memories bespoke to your wishes (hospital band, ultrasound picture, first outfit, whatever has special meaning for you). Outprints are tiles that take an imprint of your child’s hand(s) and/or feet, which again can be framed with or without a photo, or left free hanging to put on the wall, Christmas tree or displayed within a cabinet (grandparents love them!).

Looking for something a bit different to give as a gift or celebrate an occasion? How about capturing your family’s handprints, wedding portrait or baby’s first picture in up to a stunning 8k engraving? That might be a higher quality image than you get on your TV! Engravings can be added to a huge number of items including coasters, cheeseboards, jewellery, frames etc. and a large variety of materials including slate, aluminium, wood and even sterling silver!New in 2023, Jersey Memory Maker has become the first and only local artist creating Breastmilk and Memorial Jewellery on island. Celebrate your breastfeeding journey with your baby by holding on to some of that nurturing liquid gold forever in the shape of a necklace, charm bead or cuddle stone. Breastmilk jewellery creates a beautiful keepsake that will forever embody those magical moments and heartfelt struggles you felt on your personal nursing journey, as every mothers experience is different. Jewellery can be further personalised by adding a lock of your child’s hair, their name, a message or a scaled down version of their hand/footprints. Some mothers have even requested two items to be made, one for themselves and a second one to be added to their child’s memory box.

Memorial Jewellery is a treasured keepsake of a loved one or a pet lost too soon. A small amount of ashes are lovingly weaved into gemstones and encapsulated into jewellery or cuddle stones, keeping your loved one close.

Contact Details

Emma Matthews

Text/WhatsApp: 07797739609 (Text/WhatsApp accepted any time. Calls accepted after 5pm weekdays and all day Saturday/Sunday)

Email: [email protected] 


Facebook: jerseymemorymaker

Instagram: jerseymemorymaker




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