Memory Maker (Previously Freddie’s Footprint)

Memory Maker started life as Freddie's Footprint in 2011, capturing the beautiful details of the hands and feet of children for their parents to treasure forever. Well established in the last decade as the premier life casting artisan in Jersey, Memory Maker specialises in capturing moments and making memories. 

Casts of newborn babies, toddlers, siblings, children, families and people of all ages are available, to help capture milestones and special occasions. 3D casts can be freestanding in various poses, or professionally framed with or without a photograph, coloured to your requirements, to suit the decor of your home. Outprints are clay tiles that take an imprint of your child’s hands and/or feet, which again can be framed with or without a photo, or left free hanging to put on the wall or displayed within a cabinet (grandparents love them!). 

New in 2022 and exclusive to Memory Maker, we are expanding our Christmas offerings. In addition to the traditional clay tiles, new materials are being introduced for Christmas Tree ornaments with new designs. Single hand/footprints remain available using the new materials, but our new designs capture ‘My First Christmas’ angels or misteltoes, using your precious ones hands and feet to make something unique, coloured to your requirements and available on white, blue or pink material. These ornaments are very lightweight and won’t break if pulled off the tree by tiny hands (or paws!) and can be easily posted at minimal costs to relatives and friends overseas as a gift or keepsake. 

It is exciting times at Memory Maker as we are also expanding into the events and milestones that memories are made of. Watch this space for new and exclusive products coming soon!

Contact Details

Emma Matthews

Text/WhatsApp: 07797739609 (Text/WhatsApp accepted any time. Calls accepted after 5pm weekdays and all day Saturday/Sunday)

Email: [email protected] 


Facebook: freddiesfootprint 

Instagram: freddies_footprint_jersey/





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