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We create many calligraphy styles of hand lettered pieces, from Wedding Invitations and ‘On the day pieces’, Wedding Stationery, large scale hand created Wedding and event Signage, Welcome Signs, Place name cards, Wedding Vows, Poems, Phrases.

Gina is the creative soul and Calligraphy Lettering Artist that is Mien Design Jersey. “Mien” is a French word meaning “Mine” and really that’s why I create, Beautiful calligraphy pieces that will be important to people, that will be cherished for many years to come, and that will create a sense of belonging in their families memories forever…
When I create each ink mark on my page, it makes up the letters that become the words of the piece. Calligraphy is not written word by word, it is created by each line and curve and this takes time, and precision.

You cannot just whittle out your best work straight off the bat, it needs to be designed, centralised, balanced and embellished to create a totally unique piece, and only when I am totally happy, will it make the stage to be finalised in ink.


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