Moo and Torbs

Homeware and kids' accessories that's fun and full of colour!

I’m Kayleigh, a local artist with a passion for painting and sewing.

As a parent, I’m all too aware of some of the conundrums we come across whilst dressing our kids. Two main ones for me were hiding her nappy and the forever drool-soaked clothes, which inspired me to launch my baby line.My dribble bibs are made from super soft bamboo terry towelling and paired with rad prints to make your baby comfy and dry to get them, and you, through the drool. And because it’s bamboo it’s environmentally sustainable and has antibacterial properties for your peace of mind.My frilly bloomers are made from a range of 100% cotton statement prints. Wear them over tights in the winter or straight over her nappy in the warmer months. Either way she’ll look fabulous!

I also love to paint. From animals to film and cartoon characters, my acrylic paintings are mostly custom orders. Head to my Instagram to check out what I’ve been busy creating!

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