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I am Natalia Le Sueur, known on social media as Ms Calorie. I am a nutritionist on-line and I specialise in the Bio Direct™ System helping people on their health and weight loss journey.

If you have a big event coming like e.g. a wedding and you want to quickly get in shape, drop some pounds and improve your vitality, then the Bio Direct System is a fantastic and healthy way!

The Bio Direct™ System is a modern approach to healthy weight loss, based on some incredible discoveries unlocked by endocrinologist Dr Albert Simeons. It is currently the only weight loss system available on the market that enables you to drop weight so fast without any side effects, and at the same time completely wipe out fat memory. That means your body will not crave getting back to its starting weight.The whole system is supported by a huge range of vitamins and minerals, products for removing toxins and heavy metals, but also by special products in the form of drops, that help to burn fat converting it into energy and suppressing hunger. Thanks to the above I can connect this weight loss system with specifically created eating protocols, and create the right and healthy eating habits, therefore achieving some amazing results when it comes to weight loss. This can vary from client to client between 9-20% of weight loss from their starting point.

This diet also supports your gut functioning, helps to stabilise blood sugar level and balance the whole body including the lymphatic system. As much as this system is not here to heal from any disease, but to support general well-being, I have many clients who notice a big improvement in their health e.g.: stronger nails, better sleep, feeling happier or even coming off certain pills for HBP and migraines.

Because it is a complete nutritional program which also helps to reprogram eating habits, my clients not only notice a fast weight loss but also improvement in mood, sleep, skin, digestion, fitness and general well-being

What does the package include?

  • A wide range of vitamins and minerals to support general well-being.
  • Products for removing toxins, heavy metals and supporting your lymphatic system.
  • Bio-information products to support fat burn and suppress hunger.
  • Daily planners for different stages of the diet.
  • About 150 delicious recipes for snacks, main meals and flavoured drinks.
  • An information booklet.
  • 24/7 support with myself, consultations, motivation and guidance through the System.

The Bio Direct System is here to help you not only lose weight but also to bring multiple pro-health benefits. My fantastic existing clients are amazing proof of that!

If you would like to find out more about the Bio Direct System, please contact me either through social media or email and I will get back to you as soon as I can. You can also book a FREE consultation with me by clicking the link below and choosing a convenient time for you. I will answer your questions and explain how this can benefit you personally.

Contact Details:

Mobile: 07797 915508

Facebook: MsCalorie GB




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