Potty Eco Pots

Potty Eco Pots and reuse mugs have set up pick up drop off plant pot facilities all over the island. We have Reuse mugs for take away drinks in 15 cafes island wide.

We are  keen for a culture where buying new is the very last option. There are many ways to cope with the so called waste that our current system produces. Reusing can be the first option in peoples minds. We have all the products that we need in the island if we reuse and gift anything we no longer need. Reuse is part of our culture and is being made more accessible to everyone.
The success of our  reusing schemes highlight how many more things that can be redistributed and reused. There are so many individuals and groups  who care immensely about reducing pollution and plastic waste.

We run Rag and Swag Trade events in West centre every fortnight.
The next Rag and Swag free Swopping event is on Saturday the 10th of June and the following is on Saturday the 24th both in West Centre by the metal cows. Starting at 10 am going until 4pm.
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