Pretty Baked

Before evolving to ‘Pretty Baked’, I originally started as 'Cathie's cupcakes' back in 2010. I started the business through a love of both baking and art and I am completely self taught.

I bake my cakes fresh, using as many local and organic ingredients as possible for optimum flavour and quality.
My fillings, sauces and majority of decorations including macarons are made from scratch. You cant beat home made – it tastes better, usually has less sugar and misses out all the nasty, weird additives! I take time making decorations by hand, often sketching and hand painting pieces, making each order unique and special. I welcome and often thrive on the strange, the gory, the painted, sketched, unique pieces. I can do the more ‘normal’ cakes too of course!
Any event can be catered for, from simple cupcakes and gifts to birthdays, christenings, weddings and any other major event.
‘Pretty Baked’ is entirely run by myself alone. I do my best to respond to queries as quickly as I can and accommodate every person as best I can, to create the a product I’m proud of, whilst keeping the price competitive and reasonable.
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Mobile – 07797759499
Website – under construction – due very soon!

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