Rainbow Healing

As a complementary health practitioner, with a background in psychology and nutrition, working with the Asrya Pro (bio-energetic screening) I can support you in bringing about your body's own natural healing. Using nutritional therapy, supplements and essential oils we will work together to reduce any anxiety, stress gut issues and other chronic ailments.

My interest in the science of the mind/body connection started almost 30 years ago, specifically how suppressed emotions cause ill-health. After qualifying with Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree in Psychology, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Social Sciences with The Open University, a Nutritional Therapist Professional Diploma and Advanced Child & Brain Development Nutritional Advisor with the Health Sciences Academy, I have continued to evolve and expand my knowledge, providing unique and personalised treatments to my clients.

Supporting my knowledge with up to date technology by investing in an Asyra Pro, bio-energetic screening system, capable of fast non-invasive tests personalised for my clients on their unique health journey.In 2015 I started working professionally alongside some amazing practitioners at Align Health Agency. Then in 2020 the global pandemic shut everyone down! This gave us all a chance to reflect on what mattered to us most. In April 2021 the time was right to have my own work place out in St Brelade.I work 1:1 with a limited number of clients, providing nutritional advice, check for any deficiencies and offer supplement advice. Having recently qualified as a Relaxation Therapist I will now be bringing meditation 1:1 and in 2023, classes. A member of CMA and BHMA.

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