RampArts Battle of Flowers Pop Up 2022

“With a background in installation art, I was instantly excited when Ele approached me about a secret floral pop up project. Her inspiration came from NYC flash flower designer Lewis Miller, whose goal is to create a positive, emotional response through flowers.”

Heather Brown RampArts Founder

RampArts have collaborated with Ele Bonny, of Precious Petals Jersey, to do just the same!! On Wednesday 10th August a team of RampArtists met in secret, at a public pop up location.

Much of the floral arrangements had been put together in advance by Ele, and we were there to follow her lead and complete the arrangement together. Our intention was to shine a light on Battle morning, surprising commuters en route to work and tourists here for the celebration.

Our pop up is an ode to those women who started ‘The Battle of Flowers’ using live flowers to decorate carriages, baby buggies and bicycles way back in 1891! Ele has over 20 years’ experience as a florist in London and Jersey, before branching off on her own to create Precious Petals in 2020.

Precious Petals specialises in creating everlasting bespoke gifts using your special flowers. From a bride’s bouquet to pretty posies picked on a nature walk, Ele can encapsulate a memory to keep forever. We would like to thank Connor Burgher for supporting the project and giving it the Saint Helier thumbs up! As well as the amazing florists and farms who kindly donated what they could spare for the cause:

Market Flowers
New Lawns Jersey
Sprouts Farm

To find out more about the bespoke services Ele can offer, please contact;

via email at [email protected]

Facebook: Precious Petals

Instagram: precious_petals_jersey


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