Redwood Designs

I first launched Redwood Designs in June 2021. I started off by handcrafting coffee tables as a suggestion from a friend. After several months I started to become more successful and grow a deeper passion for my business. I then introduced macrame shortly followed by jewellery as well as more woodwork pieces and now resin. I plan to expand further with other mediums of art in the near future.

I have always had a strong love for creativity and trialing different mediums of art which has always been the way I like to relax and enjoy myself. Redwood Designs has allowed me to share my passion with other people and more frequently be able to do what I love.The woodwork I make consists of natural wooden coffee tables that come in a variety of sizes. I also create small stools, benches and recently clocks. All my woodwork is bespoke and made with unique pieces of wood that is the natural shape of a tree’s rings which I stain in a way which brings out the wood’s beauty. I have also used salvaged driftwood in my work.

With my macrame products, I craft plant pot hangers in a variety of sizes  as well as wall hangings and some jewellery pieces like bracelets, bookmarks and smaller items like keychains.

I also make and sell a variety of jewellery products such as wire wrap rings, adjustable rings, wire wrap necklaces, bracelets and several types of earrings which all come in different colours. I also have newly discovered resin and now sell resin rings as well as earrings.

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