Offering: Indian Head Massage & Feel Better Treatments Natalie's main focus is to help people feel better by decreasing stress and tension and providing relaxation.

Indian Head Massage Benefits: Relaxation; Minimise Stress; Decrease Tension; Encourage Parasympathetic Nervous System; Diminish Fight or Flight Mode; Increase Circulation; Increase Oxygenation; Promote release of endorphins; Better Sleep; Reduce knots around shoulder blades…Feel BetterOfferings include:

  • Time Out Days – Bespoke Wellbeing Events to suit your needs. Employee Wellbeing days, Wedding Parties, Friends get together. Combine your own special blend of practitioners Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Yoga, Meditation and many more options to create your own event.
  • Can be catered for. Menu theme eg’s “Healthy & Hearty” Persian, Vegan, Meaty, Veggie, “Men Too,” Eating for Immunity, Menopause, Detox… the world’s your oyster!
  • Wedding Party – 3 hour Eve/ Afternoon Unwind with an Indian Head Massage for the bridal party, friends and family
  • Usually at your venue, 6 Indian Head Massages. A little bit of time out…a lot of indulgence.
  • Wellbeing at Work Packages – quick “FIX” 20 minute sessions for your team at your place of work
  • Sports & Social/Pamper & Prosecco – A less formal affair. I provide mini Indian Head Massage tasters at your event.
  • Indian Head Massage Workshops (WIP) – Please ask if you’re interested
  • Individual Indian Head Massage – An Intense, comforting more healing 45 minute Indian Head Massage with Sekhem Energy
  • POP UP Dayz – I have permission to operate in our beautiful Parks & Gardens.  Sometimes I POP UP on beaches and in other stunning locations. Like Serafina on Facebook for these weather dependent events.



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