Shara Candles

Scented candles and refill service based in Jersey and Shropshire. Hand poured using 100% natural plant based soy wax. ​All products are refillable upon request.

Shara Candles was started by Sharon on the island of Jersey in 2017 after a trip to London to attend candle making and scent production courses. As an avid candle buyer herself, she set up her candle business after being disappointed with so many mass produced candles. She wanted a natural product which smelled beautiful and burned cleanly, leaving no waste. At the beginning of 2020 Elaine joined Sharon and in October took over the reins of Shara Jersey.  Sharon relocated to Shropshire and now runs Shara Shropshire.  Shara Jersey continued to grow so Elaine has now been joined by Olivia.

All their candles are vegan friendly and hand-poured using natural soy wax and are refillable; saving money and reducing waste.They have 5 Christmas scents in a range of beautiful glass and tins, along with reed diffusers and tea lights.

Glass CandlesTea Lights DiffusersGift WrapAll candles and tea lights are hand poured using vegan friendly 100% natural soy wax and all candles and reed diffusers are refillable, reducing waste and saving you money!

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