Team HH 

Team HH is a health and fitness brand that originally meant Hodgson Health until the brand grew further to add to the team and now has the dual meaning of Health and Happiness. 

Team HH got its name from what was originally Hodgson Health, which has since evolved to be Health and Happiness, which is what we are all about. Owned and operated by 2 time best selling authors and international speakers, Ryan and Elly Hodgson and their team. They offer bespoke online lifestyle. Coaching for busy professionals, and a health club. They also own Team HH Bootcamp with Fay Cooper, James Jones and Carla Jones. At Team HH we want to help people create healthy habits that deliver health and happiness. It’s that simple. We have the ethos of with you every step of the way and live by that. Being there for our clients and members whenever they most need us.

Online we offer a 6 month personalised holistic online coaching programme using the best you formula which has 4 key principles, Mindset, Lifestyle, Nutrition and Activity.

We believe that health and happiness should always be a priority.  We also have a bootcamp, Team HH Bootcamp, health club HH at the waterfront.

HH at the waterfront is situated at the Radisson Hotel. We are open 7 days week with a gym, sauna and steam room. We offer a pool only, full health club and aqua membership. All memberships are a monthly rolling basis with a month notice to cancel. We don’t do long term contracts and never will.Team HH bootcamp runs 6 days a week with over 15 sessions to choose from. We work the programme over the course of the week to provide a well rounded programme to create balance and results. We offer a week free trial.

To register for tour FREE 1-1 health consultation email [email protected]

Contact Details- 

Email: [email protected] 

Tel: 01534 671160

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