The Garniche Pantry

The Garniche Pantry is a new start up local business specialising in flavour enhancers, namely, Dehydrated Fruits, Herb and Spice blends and Flavoured Butters.

Whether you are enjoying after work drinks, a barbeque, or cooking with family & friends, the Garniche Pantry has a flavour enhancer to suit the occasion. Dehydrated fruit to enhance your drink of choice, (especially good with a G & T or tea), a herb or spice blend to marinate food prior to cooking or a butter as a finishing touch to your freshly cooked steak, fish, pasta or vegetables.As much as possible is sourced locally according to the growing calendar and we are primed to take advantage of seasonality gluts, (such as windfall apples). Fresh fruits and herbs are dried, increasing the shelf life, minimising waste, whilst maintaining the fresh flavour and intense aroma.Our current produce, (with additional flavours undergoing testing). Flavoured Butters: four flavours, Garlic, Citrus, Herby and Spicy. Dried Fruit multiple uses, flavour enhancer for both hot and cold drinks, sugared rim (dipping the rim of your glass to produce an intense hit of flavour), to eat as snacks or to add to your breakfast or simply as an eye catching garnish. Apples: three flavours, plain, baked crispy coconut or baked crispy cinnamon.The Citrus Mix contains lemons, limes, grapefruit and oranges The Tropical Mix contains Citrus and Apple plus Fig, Kiwi, Mango, Pineapple The Gin Mix, Citrus plus Kiwi and Mango The Mulled Wine Mix, contains Citrus, Cinnamon and spices (for mulling) In addition we produce decorative Citrus Garlands to order.

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