The Jersey Kart & Motor Club

The Jersey Kart and Motor Club holds kart races at the Ronez Loop Road in St John and is the only temporary kart circuit registered by Motorsport UK.

The Club was founded in 1960 by the The Rt Hon Otway Michael Plunkett, Lord Louth XVI. The Club first raced at the Belle Vue kart circuit in St Brelade, prior to the site being redeveloped for much needed housing in 1994, and the circuit was one of the first permanent kart venues to be built in Britain.The Club now holds races at the Ronez Loop Road, La Route du Nord, St John; a public road which is closed for racing on event days. We race between the months of March & October for a variety of kart classes involving entrants as young as 8 years old and offer timed trials for our youngest drivers age 6 and 7. Many people assume that karting is just for young drivers, but actually adults are also very active in karting, so people of all ages can thoroughly enjoy the sport.Once you’ve learnt the basics, karting is competitive, thrilling and probably the most fun you can have on four wheels. Members of the Club are like an extended family and everyone helps each other out.On race days, we offer catering facilities and free admission for spectators making the event a good day out for any motorsport enthusiast.

Competitors wishing to compete must hold a valid Motorsport UK (MSUK) kart licence. The Club are proud to be able to offer newcomers tuition and to take the Association of Racing Kart School (ARKS) Test; successful completion of which is required in order to obtain an MSUK competition licence.For youngsters, aged 6 to 16 who want to start karting, the Club runs a ‘Kids in Karts’ scheme – a modular course, run under the guidance of our ARKS examiners, to encourage children to achieve their ARKS driving and theory tests. The club does have some loan equipment for this if required – that way you don’t need to worry about buying all the required equipment at the outset.Kart classes run by the Club:

Category                          Age                    Classes

Bambino                            6-8                     Comer Bambino

Cadet                                   8-12                  Honda Cadet / IAME Cadet

Mini                                      11-14                IAME X30 Mini X / Rotax Mini Max

Junior                                  13-16                IAME X30 Junior / Rotax Junior Max

Senior                                  15+                     IAME X30 Senior / Rotax Senior Max

Senior Gearbox              15+                    125 Open / KZ UK

Thanks to the States of Jersey, the One Foundation and some generous benefactors the Club completed the construction of our new circuit in 2017, which took the 400m loop road into a superb 660m circuit.

The purpose of the Club is to:

  • Encourage and promote kart racing as a sport in Jersey.
  • Continually develop, improve and provide a kart racing circuit for use by club members.
  • Provide and develop a racing academy to educate participants in kart racing, driving techniques, race-craft, kart handling, maintenance and kart setup.
  • Provide a forum that encourages like-minded individuals to explore motorsport in a family friendly environment.

Contact Details:


Facebook: JerseyKartMotorClub 

Instagram: jsykartclub


Photo Credit: James Rouault Photography



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