The Kitchen Cupboard

The Kitchen Cupboard is a small family run business, offering health foods and many other specialist food products including organic, dairy free and gluten free ranges for all your dietary requirements, with also a naughty corner!

The Kitchen Cupboard, 12a Charing Cross, St Helier – 07797 729455 Map

The Kitchen Cupboard stocks a vast array of those everyday favourites as well as an ever expanding ‘free from’ range including new vegan productsOur easiyo yoghurt, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar section Muesli & Granola – A range of granola & muesli for your breakfast delightHere you’ll find crackers such as Japanese rice crackers, chilli crackers, Bombay mix and seaweed rice crackers. Smoothie Mixes – A range of mixes for smoothie making including super nutrients and organic smoothie mixesHomebaking – We offer a large selection of dried fruits and preserves, both local and manuka honey, coconut milk and many more products for your recipesOur organic range along with different types of flour Gluten Free / Vegan – We carry a range of foods especially for coeliacs and vegansOur pulses such as red, green and brown lentils, chickpeas, soya beans and split peas Our extended naughty corner – ever growing liquorice section and sugar free sweetsMore naughty’s – Turkish delights, marzipans and biscuits Jelly bean selection and more liquoriceHerbs & Spices – 

Need some herbs & spices for your recipe? We have a range of various herbs & spices including lemon grass, rose petals, chamomile & himalayan salts

Nut Selection – Including Whole Brazil Nuts, Cashews, Almonds, Pine Nuts, Walnuts & Raw Peanuts

Impulse Healthy Snacks At The Kitchen Cupboard – Including Naked, Trek & Organic Bars, Choc & Yoghurt Covered Nuts & Raisins, Including Brazils, Ginger, Peanuts, Pineapple & Cranberries

Specialist Teas – We carry a large range of specialist & organic teas

Our coffee selection, along with cocoa and cacao powders in different sizes. 


Our fridge stocks the popular drink kombucha, almond milks, hemp water and ginger/turmeric shots


Email – [email protected]




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