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It`s all about the dress! - right ladies? so make it an experience, not a decision. Find the dream dress to suit your style and budget. From Classic and Traditional, to Chic and Sophisticated, choose a dress that not only flatters your figure, but also suits your femininity and personality. Looking good is easy...our goal is to make you feel amazing.

Build up a list of your favourites so you can show them to your local boutique and familiarize yourself with terminology such as silhouettes, necklines and trains. Also bear in mind the season that you are getting married, if it is a summer wedding, then maybe a lightweight dress fabric such as chiffon or organza would be more appropriate. For a winter wedding, maybe a brocade or velvet fabric will be more suitable, to keep you warm. Fabrics such as satin and silk are perfect for any time of year.

We know that being a Bride is a very special time in your life, bring your visions to life creating flawless styles and timeless looks that will make you feel your best on your big day and ensure your makeup will last through the tears!

Suiting and Booting for the big day has become an exciting event for men. With the vast array of different styles of suit now available and more accessories for those finishing touches, you can be sure to impress on the big day, just be careful not to upstage the bride!



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