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Private yoga classes for getting the best out of your practice to create more ease in your body …

Barefoot Bodeez teaches private yoga classes based on both the Bikram Method and other simple postures in your own home.  You will also learn the Barefoot Bodeez way where focus of your mind and heart can greatly enhance your experience.  This is something that I personally have studied and experimented with for a very long time.  My whole adult life has been dedicated to this subject in some way.  I love to pass on my knowledge of the reason you are doing the postures and how to get the best out of them without any wasted effort.  I particularly love to encourage people who think they could never do yoga because I know once you try it and really understand what you are doing in each pose, not only will you benefit you will probably love it!Having trained in the US, I originally introduced Bikram Yoga to Jersey in 1997.  Since then I have qualified in other types of yoga, including the very popular Vinyasa but I personally prefer practising and teaching Bikram postures and other simple poses that allow for a stillness between rather than a continuous flow.  I was told by my first teacher “The magic is in the stillness” and I wholeheartedly agree with this.The private classes can be one-on-one or shared between a few friends in your own home or even in an outside space if preferred when the weather permits!  For more information on the classes please go to barefootbodeez.comIn keeping with the yoga/ fitness theme I also love to design for apparel and other lifestyle products, including beachwear and yoga themed art.  There are plenty to choose from and can be found on barefootbodeezlife.com.

If you have any questions with regard to yoga you may contact me at [email protected] or

Tel; 07797 787233.

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