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At Winston & Co each piece of homeware in our range has been lovingly hand-crafted. Our range of concrete-like homeware is created in Jersey, Channel Islands.

The idea materialised after looking into the beautiful style of terrazzo and how it could be made into smaller pieces for the home. I learnt about a lighter eco-friendlier material which this could be done with and it fascinated me – I couldn’t stop thinking about how unique the pattern is and how many different things that could be created. So, each product in our collection really is one of a kind!We’re so proud to use a sustainable material which is an eco-friendly safe alternative to resin, plaster or concrete. Gypsum, one of the major ingredients in our mix is naturally occurring and in abundance, can be termed sustainable and manufactured safely. Acrylic, the other significant ingredient besides water, helps to create a sturdy and durable product which provides longevity and means it can be employed in a way that gives decades of use (and value). We’re so happy to say our products are solvent free with no VOCs too.

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