Dementia Jersey is a local charity for local people whose lives have been affected by Dementia, whether that be living with the disease, caring for someone with the disease, or family and friends, we are here to provide support in any way that we can.

Our charity exists to provide help and support, to educate and to raise awareness.

We offer activities, to help mentally and physically stimulate those living with dementia and give their carers a well-deserved respite, we offer care support groups and also educational sessions to help raise awareness in the community.

Collectively, we wish to help people living with the disease feel understood, welcomed, and accepted in the community, and ensure their carers have as much support as they can so we can make that difficult journey a little bit easier.

Did you know?
Dementia is the umbrella term for a number of progressive diseases which affect the brain. It is an incurable disease which cannot be treated, but you can undertake steps to help slowdown the onset of dementia.
Our website provides lots of information surrounding the different signs and ways to reduce the risk of dementia, and how our charity can help.
The charity campaigns for people with dementia to stay in their own homes for as long as possible with improved home care support. We promote Person Centred Practice in all areas of care and seek to ensure that people with dementia are treated with dignity and respect at all times.

Mission Statement & Aims and Objectives

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Contact Details

Address: de Carteret House, Hilgrove Street, St Helier, Jersey JE2 4SL

Phone: 01534 723519

Email: [email protected]

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