Jersey – Built on its Genuine Warmth

Situated within the Channel Islands, Jersey is an island built on dynamism, creativity and the fabulous warmth of its people. Here you will find a wide range of Jersey's facts, from information on its diverse and dramatic landscape and natural resources, to tales from its fascinating history.

The Jersey People
Warm, fun-loving and generous Jersey people
Jersey people have a worldwide reputation for warmth and friendliness. Whether it’s the millions of visitors who travel to Jersey every year or the thousands who come to live permanently, so many talk of a genuine friendliness and a welcoming hospitality.
Did you know that almost three quarters of European visitors say that one of the main reasons for visiting Jersey is its people?
Everyday friendliness
Jersey love`s people – and they like to make others feel at home. You’ll find an enthusiastic friendliness in so many places. Ask a stranger for directions, buy something in a local shop, eat or drink in a pub or restaurant or put on the kettle in your workplace kitchen and you’ll be met with a smiling face and a friendly “Let me help”, “Tell me more about yourself” or “How are you?”
Culture and identity
Jersey people are proud of their nationality but they also have a long tradition of welcoming new people and cultures.
Historically, Jersey has appreciated the benefits of embracing different cultures.
Today, Jersey is richly diverse with several different cultures living in harmony. Tolerance, equality of opportunity and social justice are important principles of Jersey people and communities.
We love a party
Jersey knows how to party – and extends an invitation to all. With large community street parties and several music and film festivals, to more intimate historic celebrations such as Liberation Day, there is always a fun event to attend.
Getting together, sharing good times, ‘having fun’ and welcoming others with open arms give Jersey its reputation for being a happy and friendly place to be.
Really, it’s no wonder that so many people with various cultures want to be a part of our Jersey family.
In this website, you’ll find all the facts about Jersey you need to know, including information about  the Jersey population, their language as well as famous Jersey people.

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