Jersey Cancer Relief is a member of the Association of Jersey Charities and relies solely on public donations and bequests.  Due to generous donations and our own fundraising efforts, it has been possible to offer assistance to many people.  All committee members are volunteers, with the charity employing a paid part-time administrator and any donations received remain in Jersey to support local residents.

The charity which subsequently became Jersey Cancer Relief was initially founded in 1968 as a branch of the national campaign.  At that time it was found that some cancer patients and their families were finding it difficult to cope financially because of their illness. The formation followed a fundraiser from the UK charity and John Richardson, later Connétable of Trinity who was the inaugural Chairman.  In order to enable funds raised in Jersey to remain in the island and speed up the processing of requests for help, the independent local charity was formed with the agreement of the national coordinator of the time.  The Jersey Charity was subsequently incorporated in an Acte of the Royal Court in November 1973.Purpose

The charity exists to provide financial support where there is a need to people diagnosed with cancer and is one of the few charities in Jersey able to assist local cancer patients and their families with financial assistance for doctor’s bills, dressings, heating, travel to UK hospitals and other incidental expenses that arise due to having cancer, such as rental of equipment for terminal care.

In most cases, the charity’s assistance is vital considering the majority of cancer patients have to forgo their income by giving up work whilst receiving treatment and during recovery.

Calendar of events 

Our main event of the year is the Annual Fishing Competition, in association with Sinkers Fishing Club, and this takes place in either July or August along St Catherine’s Breakwater.Our new Information Centre is on the corner of Burrard Street and New Street and this is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings until 1.30pm. We are there to take on new clients with our simple referral process, as well as being a drop-off point for existing clients who may wish to bring in their bills, or simply pop in to talk with a visitor. St Peter’s Indoor Market by the St Peter’s Community Centre  – this stall is run in aid of Jersey Cancer Relief by Pam and is open Wednesday and Saturdays from 9am – 3pmAll details are treated in complete confidence and patients’ identities are only known to those who visit the patient – even committee members are not aware of patients’ names.

The charity has also financed the purchase of certain hospital equipment which assists with the diagnosis of cancer.  Over the years it has funded equipment for the mammography unit, dermatology and bowel screening departments.  We in addition financed the cost of a ‘catch-up’ vaccination programme for HVP virus to cover those school age girls not covered by the States of Jersey programme and we have taken on the salary of a specialist nurse for lung cancer.Anyone with cancer who is struggling to pay their bills can apply we look at each client on a case by case basis.  Clients are usually referred by their doctor, the hospital and Hospice, but anyone can refer a client and we also have people contacting us direct.  At present we have over 300 people on our books.

If you know of anyone who may benefit from assistance from Jersey Cancer Relief, please do not hesitate to call 618148.


Contact Details

Jersey Cancer Relief, 35 Burrard Street, St Helier, Jersey JE2 4WS. 

Tel 01534 618148.

Email: [email protected]






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