My name is Jo or Rose or Olive or Louisa!

I work as a Living History Interpreter for Jersey Heritage and The National Trust for Jersey so spend my time between the 17th and 18th centuries and occasionally the 1940s as a Jersey farmers wyfe at Hamptonne Country Life Museum and 16 New Street.
I am a keen singer and sing with folk band, Sonneux and also run a little singing group in my home parish of Grouville.
I can often been seen out and about with my dogs around Longbeach followed by (or on my head) the local crow family or with my birds of prey in schools or the Wetlands Centre as education officer for the Jersey Falconry Club.
I am very passionate about keeping Jersey’s unique historic identity, including its language, alive and embracing its diverse and sometimes quirky culture. I love engaging and educating people, through my work of Jersey Temps Passé.

What is your favourite beach or place in Jersey & why?

I don’t think I could pick just one. La Rocque is just beautiful. But the Faldouet Dolmen is a deeply spiritual place for me.

Where is your favourite place to stay in Jersey or where would you like to stay if you had the opportunity?

I would love to stay in Kempt Tower in St Ouen’s bay. The internal structure of the tower is absolutely mesmerizing and the acoustics are mind-blowing.

What event in the Jersey calendar do you frequent or do you have a particular favourite entertainment venue?

I love the traditional events such as Blackbutter Making at The Elms and The Cider Festival at Hamptonne. Lovely community events.

Is there a favourite place that you go for either a sporting or leisure activity?

I love to swim at Anne Port or Longbeach at high tide under the imposing shadow of Mont Orgueil. And I love to wander round Samares when the roses are in full bloom and get my olfactory fix.

Where is your favourite place to dine and why?

Bass and Lobster. Phenomenon food with local produce and unusual twists. Always outstanding service.

Do you have a favourite venue where you like to go and socialise?

The Dolphin. Good local pub.

Is there a place where you just like to go to relax and chill out?

Victoria Tower. Wonderful views and great place for a picnic or chill with a book.

Can you give 3 words which describe the best things about Jersey for you?

Would ‘Filter in Turn’ use all my three words or be counted as a phrase?!

We aim to make Vibrant Jersey a community based website by involving local people in the promotion of our island. What do you think about the Vibrant Jersey website and what additions do you think we should make?

Vibrant Jersey is supportive and proactive in promoting a ‘go to’ information guide for all things local.


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