I have lived in Jersey since 2000, and started archery that year, a few years later I got selected for the Great Britain archery team and have never looked back. I became miss battle of flowers in 2009 and have always tried to showcase my home. I left Jersey briefly to study coaching and sport science at university at Nottingham Trent and did a 4th year in Strength and Conditioning. Since then I moved home and set up my business LOSPT at Rad fitness while doing some strength and conditioning with the Jersey Reds women.

What is your favourite beach or place in Jersey & why?

St Brélade is my favourite bay / place in the whole of Jersey the beautiful white beach, the tranquility and the beauty of the bay all comes together with the incredible eateries and facilities along the whole bay. Perfection!

Where is your favourite place to stay in Jersey or where would you like to stay if you had the opportunity?

I would love to stay at Longueville the place is incredible, with amazing history and ridiculously amazing food!

What event in the Jersey calendar do you frequent or do you have a particular favourite entertainment venue?

My favourite event is one of jerseys food festivals, I love my food and seeing that the island has to offer is amazing. I really enjoyed it when the beer festival was at the rugby club it was such a great atmosphere!

Is there a favourite place that you go for either a sporting or leisure activity?

I love going to the rugby club when we get a whole group of people together it’s a great atmosphere.

I also like Le Quennevais for events such as park run etc the community spirit in Jersey is fab!

Where is your favourite place to dine and why?

I love El Tico, but Longueville is my favourite place to dine if I was going to celebrate something special!

Do you have a favourite venue where you like to go and socialise?

You may often find me in town in The Square or The Yacht.

Is there a place where you just like to go to relax and chill out?

I have one of the Cineworld cards so when work allows I love going to the cinema and watching any type of films.

Can you give 3 words which describe the best things about Jersey for you?

Beaches, Atmosphere , Accessibility to walk anywhere

What do you think about Vibrant Jersey and our aims / values?

The vibrant jersey website is incredible it’s so nice to have everything Jersey in one place. It is websites like this that really showcase our home and make me proud to be a Jersey-woman! I can’t wait for it to continue to get bigger and bigger.

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