We are a small and independent local charity affiliated to Mind in the UK. Our vision is of a society that promotes and protects good mental health for all and treats people with experience of mental illness fairly, positively and with respect. We promote and encourage mental wellbeing for all.

What we aim to do

We put people with experience of mental health illness at the heart of what we do. We aim to:


  • Change public attitudes, reduce stigma and misunderstanding
  • Influence government policy and improve practice towards people with mental illness
  • Provide support and help so that people can take control of their mental health and live full lives
  • Make lives better for their families and friends

Our current activities

  • Family and Carers’ support
  • Independent Advocacy
  • Children and Young Peoples’ services
  • Peer support service
  • Residential services
  • Retail and therapeutic support


Our current priorities are

  • Campaigning to tackle stigma, improve information and reduce misunderstanding
  • Promoting good mental health in the workplace, making it core business for all employers
  • Listening to young people, encouraging their participation and promoting greater understanding about the importance of supporting them from the earliest opportunity
  • Half of all mental health problems have been established by the age of 15, rising to 75% by the age of 24

Where do we need to get to?

  • Our goal is to mainstream good mental health and make it core business for all employers, schools and colleges
  • Everyone is supported to have good mental health at work, no matter where they are on the spectrum
  • People get appropriate support when they are experiencing a mental health problem
  • “Open and supportive workplaces benefit everyone – employees, employers and the bottom line”


Contact details: Mind Jersey, Centurion House, 17 Beresford Street, St Helier, JE2 4TW

Phone: 0800 7359404 / 01534 880319

Email: [email protected]





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