Manager at The Harbour Gallery, St Aubin. Jersey born and former Art teacher and head of Art at Beaulieu School, Jersey. Started Art in The Frame Charity 2002 at The Harbour Gallery

What is your favourite beach or place in Jersey & why?

Favourite place is Gorey.

Favourite beach is La Rocque due to the dramatic tidal movement there, being able to see the sparkling of the granite rocks when the tide is out. At high tide the waves come right up to the sea wall

Where is your favourite place to stay in Jersey or where would you like to stay if you had the opportunity?

Chateau La Chaire due to its great service and lovely food

What event in the Jersey calendar do you frequent or do you have a particular favourite entertainment venue?

Horse Racing at Les Landes and The Battle of Flowers Moonlight Parade

Is there a favourite place that you go for either a sporting or leisure activity?

La Rocque in Grouville, Walking the dogs

Where is your favorite place to dine and why?

The Gallery Cafe at St Aubin

Do you have a favourite venue where you like to go and socialise?

Either The Blue Note bar, Jersey Opera House or Jersey Arts Centre

Is there a place where you just like to go to relax and chill out?

As Q6 – La Rocque

Can you give 3 words which describe the best things about Jersey for you?

Countryside, Seasons, Accessibility

What do you think about Vibrant Jersey and our aims / values?

Good to promote local products and services and more should be done. Small local markets need support and good you are doing that


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