We are a small local charity who support parents after the loss of their baby and invest in every pregnancy, improving outcomes.

Philip’s Footprints support parents after the devastating loss of a baby by offering memory boxes, peer support and remembrance events. Every year we hold a candlelit carol service and support Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Week in October. We are there to support families no matter how early the loss, no matter how long ago.

Guernsey, we need you! Can you spare a minute to read our post, and see how we how we have supported Guernsey families over the last 8 years and how can you support us. Philip’s Footprints offers support to parents who have lost their baby by donating memory boxes and offering peer support and remembrance opportunities. We also invest in every pregnancy to reduce the number of stillbirths, premature births and complications at birth.We have had some wonderful people fundraise for us over the years, but sadly too few to keep us going. Simply put, without your financial support we are not be able to continue (edit: although other charities may be able to continue our work). Please note that whilst we are based in Jersey, all monies raised in Guernsey stays in Guernsey for the benefit of Guernsey families.We have supported Guernsey families since 2009 since then have donated over 120 memory boxes as well as a listening ear. We remember due dates, anniversaries, milestones and special days with you. We have been touched beyond words to be one of the first to know 'next pregnancy' news and it has warmed our hearts to hear of rainbow babies arriving safely (as well as breathing a huge sigh of relief!) and seeing those wonderful photos.We strongly believe in improving outcomes for all babies and with our Safer Pregnancy Projects we invest in every pregnancy. We have funded places for over 20 Guernsey midwives and paramedics on multi-disciplinary training courses by Baby Lifeline, a nationally recognised training provider. Since April 2016 we have funded 1,200 Wellbeing Wallets that hold your handheld pregnancy notes, with another 1,000 now on order. These are printed with information on staying healthy in pregnancy, monitoring your baby's movements and problematic symptoms that mean you should call your midwife straight away. (We are just not financially able to purchase antenatal equipment as we do in Jersey.)A memory box costs about £50, a training place £99 and Wellbeing Wallet £1.Please SHARE this post and help get us 'out there' more, nominate us for dress down days, cake sales, charity of the year, do raffles, car boots, pamper nights, movie nights – the list is endless! But please support us. Being based in Jersey, we just can't organise events but we are happy to support you in any way we can.If you stayed with us this far – well done, thank you and please share 🙂 .If you would like to donate, thank you! Details are here http://www.philipsfootprints.org/donate-guernseyJo Nash, Founder & Philip's Mumx

Posted by Philip's Footprints on Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Safer Pregnancy Projects

We also feel very strongly about making pregnancy safer and we invest in every pregnancy by funding antenatal training, antenatal equipment and education, as this will reduce the number of stillbirths, premature births and complications at birth – 2018 is our 10th anniversary and we look forward to being able to widen our support to Jersey families even more.

Each year we support on average 15 families who lose a baby and as part of our Safer Pregnancy Projects we have committed to fund 70 training places for midwives, doctors and paramedics on courses chosen my Jersey Maternity.

In addition, we supply ‘Wellbeing Wallets’, designed to contain the hand held pregnancy notes that every pregnant woman is expected to carry with her and given out at every 12 week ultrasound scan. The wallets are printed with key information about staying healthy in pregnancy, monitoring her baby’s movements, what is normal for labour and identifying problematic symptoms that mean she must call her midwife, immediately or in the next 24 hours. This has already resulted in an increased of women reporting to Maternity for reduced fetal movements which in turn gives the best opportunity to ensure a positive outcome for Jersey babies.


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