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OLIO is a free app connecting people with their neighbours and with local shops so surplus food and other items can be shared for free, not thrown away. Join our OLIO Community and help to save food waste on our island!

If you love food, hate waste, care about the environment or want to connect with your community, OLIO is for you. It’s main purpose is environmental – to reduce food waste which is a huge global issue. We have been saving on average half to three quarters of a tonne of food a week in Jersey! However, OLIO has got strong social benefits as well.

“Due to my work with Olio food sharing, my team and I have witnessed many stories of extreme circumstances that some people have shared with us. Not just once have we had people crying at our door, giving us hugs and sending emotional thank you messages for being able to get some free food that has helped them immensely during some short term as well as long term crisis.”

Single individuals, families, single parents, people with illness, young vulnerable adults and elderly, you name it. Because of the privacy of how Olio works people felt safe to turn to us, as Jersey is small and often people felt ashamed for their unexpected difficult circumstances.

My whole team and myself have gone extra miles to reach people in desperate need and those without access to internet and the Olio app too.

We are always here if anybody need us and there is no judgement ever as we do not work as a referral scheme. We are reducing waste and at the same time helping those who struggle. Please share with anybody who may need us as we cannot reach or find them easily ourselves, yet we do work with numerous charities and organisations (Shelter, Grace Trust, Centrepoint Trust, Mind Jersey, BSK, Jersey Youth Service, Cheshire Homes, Les Amis, Brighter Futures and many more).

We have worked with over 40 businesses in Jersey but we regularly collect from around 25 . Alliance and Coop have been our biggest supporters, making a very big difference to the food waste on the island and to the local community. We have received surplus food from fantastic restaurants, cafes, wholesalers and farms, namely …. Bento sushi, Easenmyne , Jersey Dairy, Coopers, Bean Around the World, Bond Street Deli, Hamptonne Farm, Dandy, Nude Food, Loaf, Sinful Vegan, Cafe Panda, Marina Metro Hotel…and many more 🙂

Sign Up Here and help to reduce food waste in Jersey

I am available 24/7 on email, phone and via the Jersey Olio Community page.  We are always here to make lives to our community better via food as well as social connection as much as we can…

If you would like to help us spread the word, donate food as a business or individual, on either a one off or regular basis, or got any ideas or concerns please get in touch

Contact Details

OLIO Market Growth & Channel Islands Food Waste Consultant

Email [email protected]

Tel – 07700765777

Jersey Olio Community page

Image – Macmillan Jersey Big Coffee Morning raising funds for their charity

About Me

I am originally from the Czech Republic but I moved to the UK over 12 years ago. I studied at university in London and I worked in New Zealand and Papua New Guinea before moving to Jersey (Channel Islands) five years ago. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for food, food waste and sustainability.  I discovered OLIO – the Food Sharing Revolution online and kick-started it in Jersey  in May 2017 leaving my full-time job three months later to be able to follow my passion and dream of making a real difference to the environment and community.

I run the team of about 60 volunteers in Jersey and due to its huge success OLIO founders asked me to try to establish it in Guernsey too. It has grown super fast there just since August and we have been sharing tonnes of surplus food from over 50 businesses with local people as well as charities on both islands.

We have become an OLIO success model and we have been inspiring other communities around the world to get together and make a difference as well.

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