Dating from the Neolithic period, or about 2500 BC, La Hougue Bie (meaning ‘mound of uncertain origin’) is one of the largest and best-preserved passage graves in Western Europe.

The site comprises an 18.6 metre passage chamber (or dolmen), the burial site of at least eight individuals, above which is found a 12.2 metre high earth mound crowned by two medieval chapels (dating from the 12th and 16th centuries respectively).   The burial chamber is aligned so as to allow sunlight to reach the back wall of its ‘terminal cell’ on the spring and autumn equinox
Visitors are able to walk through the peaceful and spiritual complex; enjoy the geology and archaeology museum’s collections of coin hoards, axes, swords, spears and even a rhinoceros skull; and explore the adjacent command bunker built during the German occupation of the Island. La Hougue Bie is featured on the 2010 issue Jersey £1 note.

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