I was born in Jersey, spent my twenties teaching in London and currently work as an English Lecturer at Highlands College. I'm also a gigging musician and vice-chair of the Jersey Festival of Words.

What is your favourite beach or place in Jersey & why?

Le Braye at St Ouen’s and Ouisane are my favourite beaches; for the view, the space and nearby facilities. I’m also fond of Bel Royal beach; being brought up in First Tower it’s a place I remember well from my early childhood.

Where is your favourite place to stay in Jersey or where would you like to stay if you had the opportunity?

With so many great hotels over here you’re spoilt for choice. I’m going to say the L’Horizon though; having held a Saturday job as a porter there in my early teens I’ve always had a soft spot for the place.

What event in the Jersey calendar do you frequent or do you have a particular favourite entertainment venue?

I’m a live music fan so am frequently found at places like the Blue Note, Chambers or the Troubadour, and enjoy some of the smaller music festivals. The various food fairs are great as well.

Is there a favourite place that you go for either a sporting or leisure activity?

I’ll occasionally take a jog around People’s Park, and am often found being dragged sobbing into Aquasplash for the zillionth time by my children.

Where is your favourite place to dine and why?

With three children under ten, favourite places at the moment are Portelet Inn and the Farmhouse.

Do you have a favourite venue where you like to go and socialise?

Blue Note, JBs. Troubadour, Chambers – anywhere with live music. The Watersplash is a favourite when the sun’s out.

Can you give 3 words which describe the best things about Jersey for you?

Friendly, beautiful, unique

What do you think about Vibrant Jersey and our aims / values?

In terms of visuals, access and functionality I think the Vibrant Jersey website is fantastic. Jersey has so much to offer and the website reflects this perfectly, while maintaining a personal, friendly feel. A fabulous addition to Jersey’s online presence.

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